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Safe and Painless Facial Acupuncture in Halifax.

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EARTH is the element which provides the sustenance and ground from which all is born. It represents the qualities of harvest, fruition and fulfillment within us. Earth is the mother of us all.

Characteristics of Earth: Late summer, nourishment and harvest, caring and nurturing, spleen and stomach health, sympathy and understanding.


METAL provides the richness and quality to all in nature. Metal is both the minerals and jewels of the earth and the pure qi of the air we breathe. Metal represents inspiration and vision; it is the father of us all.

Characteristics of Metal: Autumn, inspiration, self-worth and respect, taking in and letting go, lungs and colon health, grief.


WATER provides the deep undercurrent of fluidity in our lives. Water can run freely, run chaotically or it can be frozen solid. Since we are a part of nature, the water in us can move freely, promoting health and flexibility. It is that essential part of our being where we can find renewal.

Characteristics of Water: Winter, adaptability and willpower, potency and reserve, kidney and bladder health, fear and courage.


WOOD provides the energy to grow and move. Just like the grass in spring asserting itself, wood energy pushes through in order to establish its life force. Without wood energy, we wouldn’t be able to plan or start and develop new projects. Worse yet, our children would not have the energy to grow.

Characteristics of Wood: Spring, birth and growing, vision and planning, liver and gall bladder, anger and assertiveness.


FIRE is the element which provides the warmth and love that all humans experience. Like the sun, radiating its brightness and light to all, the fire element warms our body, mind and spirit. Because of the fire element, we can be touched, we can feel tenderness and we can extend compassion.

Characteristics of Fire: Summer, maturity and awareness, warmth and relationships, heart and circulation health, joy and love.

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